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Created In The Image Of God

Who are we as human beings? How are we different from the animals around us? Or are we different from them? Many believe that we are just a higher order of animals. In other words, we are no different from all the animals that we see. However, our Bible tells us a very different story. […]


Become A New Creation

What happens when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. What kind of a change takes place. The big question is “why is a change necessary?” “If I am living such a good life, why do I have to change?” God gives us the answer. As good as we think that we are, we […]


The Cause Of Sin

Everyone knows that sin is a part of life. It is something that each one of us struggles with. We constantly sin against other people. And more importantly, we sin against God. Why? Why is this such a struggle in our life? We could blame it on Satan, and many of us do. However, what […]