My name is Charles Kinsley. All my friends call me Chuck. I was a pastor for 39 years and during that time, I was much more a Bible Teacher than a preacher.

I have found that people are very curious about what is happening in our world. Is the world coming to and end soon. Why, even secular scientists are saying that our world cannot exist much longer.

This is why you will see a lot of entries talking about prophecy, especially prophecy that is still to happen in our future. I will be talking about what is happening right now, especially in Israel.

However, there is much more to modern living than just future prophecy. The Bible can be very helpful in knowing how we are to be living in our modern world. I do have a website at www.BibleAnswersToday.com which has many articles which you may find helpful. This blog will supplement what I have written there.

In this blog, I hope to bring to light what the Bible is saying about living in our modern world. If we are living in the “last days,” then we need to make sure that we are living as God wants us to.

God has given us very specific instructions concerning how we are to live. That is what the whole Bible is about, especially the New Testament. We need to understand what God has provided for us and how He wants to live.

He also realizes that it really is not possible to live a life that is “good enough” to get into heaven. That is why He has provided a means to “escape” this world in which we are living. Someday, we will all perish (die), or be raptured when Jesus comes again. The question is “Are you ready?”

Follow my blogs and be prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus. When you realize that you do need Jesus in your life, click here and find out how to receive Jesus into your own life.

I will be looking for you on my blogs. Remember you can make comments on any of the blogs.


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