Apostasy and Christianity

Christianity has always been plagued by apostasy – but nothing like the present. Satan knows that he cannot get Christians to deny their faith. So he has learned a very clever and fiendish trick. He has learned how to sow tares among the wheat (the church). Remember, Jesus even warned us about this trick in Matt. 13:1-23.

Jesus Warned Us

Then in Matt. 24:24, Jesus warned us again about what would happen in the last days. He said: “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect–if that were possible.” (NIV)

Yes, there have been quite a few who have claimed to be Jesus. But very few, if any Christians have fallen for these lies. However, false prophets have been a different story. They have come, not preaching against Christianity, but proclaiming new ideas that they say help to make the Gospel clearer and easier to believe.

Apostasy Was Born In Europe

About the middle of the nineteenth century, professors who had been educated in Europe and influenced by German rationalism began teaching in American denominational seminaries. You see, Satan knew the best way to inject his apostate doctrine into the church was to infiltrate the seminaries, indoctrinate young ministers and send them into the churches to spread his false ideas across the land.

One illustration of how effective this was is shows by a now-deceased seminary professor in what was the largest seminary in the nation. For 25 years he taught in this seminary. Then who he actually was was revealed. He admitted, under oath, that he was a member of the Communist party. He was not the only one teaching modernism in our American seminaries. There were many more.

Apostasy Crept Into Our Seminaries

Shortly after 1920, they even began to take control of the seminaries and denominations and in many cases they were successful. Thus began a fragmentation that has continued to this day. As more and more “false prophets” began to take control of the denominational seminaries and thus the churches of those denominations, members began to split off into their own groups. They did not want to be taught by these “false prophets” any more.

This has continued over and over until there are more splinter groups than can be imagined. This is especially true in my denomination. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the Methodist church was one big denomination. Today there are over 30 splinter groups from it. All because of the “modernism” and other false teaching that has crept into it. In fact, the United Methodist Church has been loosing member every year for many, many years.

Even though I am now retired from this denomination, I was never really accepted by the hierarchy of the church. This is why I now work in a non-denominational church. I am not the only one who has moved from a denominational church to a non-denominational one. Pastors and members alike have been moving, by the droves, into non-denominational churches.

Apostasy Has Caused Splits In Denominations

In the middle of the nineteenth century, almost all U.S. denominations had one branch, all of which were basically fundamental. They adhered to the orthodox doctrines of the founders of their group. Even though the Civil War caused several of these denominations to split, they split along geographical and social lines, not theological.

Since that time, the splits have been over theological ideas. That is, these young seminarians coming out of the “modern” seminaries began openly challenging fundamentalism in our churches. The church members, although they believed in the Bible, had never really taken time to study it for themselves. They simply believed what these “educated” ministers had to say.

The Answer To Apostasy Is Clear

This seems to be the only answer for those who want to stay true to the Bible and keep accepting Jesus as their Personal Lord and Savior. It seems to be the only place where Jesus is still accepted as the only Son of God (John 3:16). It seems to be the only place where we will not be led astray by these “false prophets.”

But again, be careful of which non-denominational church you attend. There are apostate churches that do not belong to any denomination. Others are independent churches, but their pastors have been trained under these “false prophets.” My advise is to be sure that you know what they teach before you join then. There are certain points that cannot be compromised.

1. Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God. (John 3:16)

2. The Bible IS the Word of God and not just CONTAIN the Word of God. (Otherwise false doctrines can creep in.) (2 Tim. 3:16)

3. The way to heaven is ONLY through Jesus. (John 14:6)

If you find yourself being taught ideas that you cannot find in the Bible, maybe it is time to find a church where the teaching is centered around the Bible. God has given us His Holy Bible that is His Truth. Remember, your eternal future is dependent upon what you accept as Truth.

What Is Your Answer?

Which is more important to you:

1. Your comfort and acceptance by others while you are living?

2. Where you will spend eternity.

Don’t be misled by “False Prophets.” Get under the teaching of a true man of God, who proclaims the contents of the Bible as God’s Truth.


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