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A Heart Of Flesh

Ezekiel tells us that we need to have a heart of flesh. And this heart of flesh can only come from God. This heart of flesh is in contrast to a heart of stone that so many people have. How can we get this heart of flesh?
The Meaning of a Heart of Flesh
In Ezekiel 36, […]


Is Suffering In God’s Plan?

Most people believe that if we are followers of God, we should not have to endure suffering. They believe that if we are following in God’s plan, that suffering will be kept from us. Thus, they believe that those who experience suffering are not in God’s plan.
God Does Want The Best For His Children
This is […]


Who Is Your Master?

This may seem like a strange question, especially here in America. We don’t think that anyone should be our master. We are in charge of our own lives. No one controls us.
We Are Programmed To Be Followers
Yet, the truth is: we are all followers. It is programmed into our DNA. Social Scientists, Psychologists, Physiatrists and […]