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The Rebuilding of the Temple

The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple has been in the minds of Jews ever since the destruction of the last one. Today, this idea is not only alive and well, but groups within Israel and around the world are actively planning on the rebuilding.
Three huge reasons For Rebuilding The Temple
1) The fulfillment of a national […]


The History Of The Temple

The Temple in Jerusalem has a great and wonderful history. It is the center of all Jewish worship. The Temple has a great history and it will be rebuilt.
The Temple Started As The Tabernacle
After Moses returned from Mt. Sinai the second time with the tablets of stone that contained the 10 commandments, he told the […]


Israel Becomes a Nation

The most miraculous event in the history of the world has happened in our own lifetime. Israel has again become a nation. Over five million Jews have migrated back to the Holy Land and have become a new nation.
This Is a Miracle
No nation has even been able to maintain its national identity, even three to […]