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Why Should We Pray?

Every religion has prayer as a part of its ritual. However, in Christianity, prayer is much more than simply a ritual. The problem is, that for many people, prayer is used only as a part of the ritual that they recite every Sunday Morning or before you eat. The truth is that true prayer is […]


The Power of Prayer

Prayer does not make anything happen. Prayer does not force God to do anything. Too often we use prayer to command God to do something for us. Yes, God said that He would answer our prayers. But He will only answer our prayers when it is in His will. The questions is: “How can we […]


What Good Is Prayer?

Prayer is the most important activity that a Christian can engage in. Yes, Praise and Worship are important, as is studying the Bible. However, both of these are one-way communications. Prayer is a two-way communication with God. This is why it is so important for us.
Prayer Is Recognizing The Presence of God
Someone once said: “Prayer […]