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Does God Condone Divorce?

Divorce has become an accepted way to get out of a marriage that doesn’t suit us. This is exactly why the “no fault divorce” came into being. You no longer have to have a reason for a divorce; you just have to want one.
Some statistics says that half of all marriages end in divorce. Other […]


The Jews Are God’s Chosen People

Why is most of the world against Israel? Why do so many people and nations side with the Muslims and say that the Palestinians are the legal owners of Palestine? On the other hand, why has Israel been able to come back from oblivion and become a unified nation after 2000 years? There must be […]


What Is Death?

There have been many misconceptions concerning what death is. It all started with what Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden. Most people think of death as the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an animal or plant. In other words, our body ceases to function and we stop living. […]