Did God Create Evil?

Many people believe that if God created everything, He must have also created evil. The truth is that God did not create evil. He just made it possible by creating us with a free will. Evil is rebelling against God. And being free creatures, we have the ability to either follow God and accept what He has for us or reject God, and thus creating evil.

God Has Chosen to Work With and Through His Creation

The first thing that God did was to find one man who was willing to follow Him. His name was Abram. His name was later changed to Abraham. God proclaimed that He would bring salvation to the world through him and his descendants.

God told Abraham in Genesis 17:7 (NIV): “I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.”

As his descendants became the nation of Israel, He raised up prophets who declared His Word to the people. He gave this nation His law so that they would know what was right and wrong in God’s eyes.

Finally, He fulfilled his covenant with Abraham by sending his only Son to take our place in death so that we would not have to suffer death (separation from God). God has made it very easy for us to love and have fellowship with Him. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to desire to have fellowship with God and to love Him.

How do we accomplish this? Simply by accepting God’s gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus. We show our love for God by accepting Jesus as our own personal Lord and Savior.

God Is a God Of Love

The wonderful thing about God is that He is a God of love. He created us so that He could share that love with us. He created us as free creatures so that we could share our love with Him. It is a perfect situation.

However, we must remember a very important point. If we are free to accept and give love, we are also free to reject and refuse to love others. Otherwise we wouldn’t be free. Remember, the definition of evil is rejecting God and His love for us.

Evil Was Free To Manifest Itself

God did not create evil. He just made it possible to manifest itself by giving His creation the freedom to choose. We, the human race, create evil when we choose to ignore God and live outside His will.

OK, the Bible does tell us that we humans were not the ones who originally created evil. It was Lucifer, who became Satan. But he was not a part of the human race, He was a creature that was created as a servant. When he rebelled against God, he was cast forever out of heaven. God even prepared a special place for him that was outside His own presence.

Satan does not realize it, but he became a pawn of God. God is using him to help humans to make the decision to either follow God or to desert God. With Satan roaming the world, we are forced to decide between following God or following Satan. It is going to be one or the other. There is no middle of the road.

We Must Decide To Accept God’s Way of Life

God created us as creatures who could and would either have fellowship with and love God or reject God and His love. We cannot stand on the fence. We will either be on one side or the other.

God created us as free creatures with the ability to choose our own destiny. And since we have that ability, we must make a choice.

This is why God allows Satan to roam the earth. As we encounter Satan and his demons, we are forced to choose between his evil or God’s good. With Satan and his demons roaming the earth, we are forced to choose between the two.

When we stand before the Judgment Seat of God, we cannot claim that we did not make any decision. With Satan and his demons tempting us at every turn, we are forced to choose.

And God made it very easy for us to make that choice by giving us the great gift of salvation. All we have to do is to accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior and we make the choice to love and have fellowship with God. By accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we make the decision to accept God’s way of life.

God Is a God of Justice

Yes, God is a God of love. But in order to be a God of love, He must also be a God of justice.

Since God loves us and wants to share His great love with us, He must provide an atmosphere that is conducive to sharing love. It must be a place where there is no evil, where there is no rebellion against God and His way of life.

Remember that God created us with the ability to choose our own destiny, to choose where we will spend eternity. However, there are people who choose to not follow God’s way of life, who do not want to love and have fellowship with Him.

Heaven would not be heaven if it contained people who did not want to follow God’s way of life. God created heaven for those who choose to love and have fellowship with Him. Heaven cannot contain both types of people. If it did, it would be no different than it is here on earth right now.

Thus, it compels God to create a place where those who do not want to follow His way of life to spend eternity. God has already prepared a place for the rebellious angels, it is only natural for Him to allow rebellious humans to spend eternity in the same place.

God Determines What is Good and What Is Evil

Remember, we are God’s creation. He created us. We did not just miraculously pop into existence, no matter what some people are tying to teach us. Since God created us, He decides what is good and what is evil. It is not our choice.

This is why gave us His Holy Bible. It is His love letter to us letting us know what is good and what is evil. If we reject what is written there, we are rejecting Him.

Ok, so the argument is: “What about all those people who lived before the Bible was available to us?” We really don’t have to concern ourselves with this. God is a God of love and a God of justice. He knows who wants to follow Him and who doesn’t. Just let God take care of that question.

Only remember, He has just made it easy for us who are now living to make our choice. You do not need to be concerned about other people until you have made the choice for yourself.

Don’t try to decide for yourself what is good and what is evil. You cannot do it. If God left that decision up to us, there would be millions of different kinds of good and millions of different kinds of evil. God decides what is good and what is evil. God decides who will spend eternity with Him because He is in charge, not us. All we must do is to accept God’s great gift of salvation that He offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ.


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