God’s Plan for the Human Race

When God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden, He planned for them and all of their descendants to live in Paradise forever. God’s intention was for His creation to thoroughly enjoy their surroundings. He wanted the best for them.

God Planned for Our Every Need Forever

God provided for our every need. He provided pleasure for our senses, that is, food to taste, aromas to smell, beauty to see, etc. There is no indication anywhere in the Scriptures that God did not plan for the human race to live forever in this paradise.

In fact, it was not until they disobeyed and decided that they wanted to know more than what was good for them that God even hints that we would have to leave paradise. This story shows that in order to enjoy God’s benefits, we must put our trust and faith in Him. We must believe what He says, even if we don’t understand it.

We Were Created In God’s Image

God’s original plan was for the human race to always have the best that was possible. We were never to have any unmet needs. We were to live in harmony with God and with everything that God had created. As long as we followed God’s plan, everything would be perfect.

That is why God created us in His image. We were not created as someone equal with God. We do not have all the qualities of God. Neither do we have all the capabilities of God. We were still to be under his subjection and supervision. We were created as free creatures, but still under God’s direction and administration.

We were given many of the qualities of God, but only in a limited way. We have the ability to understand who God is, because we do have these qualities.

We were given the ability to create, but only within certain bounds. We can bring into being a whole new creature who will exist forever. They are called babies. This is why God says that we are to only create new life within a family structure. We have the responsibility to nurture and guide that new life so it can learn to develop a loving relationship with God.

We Were Created To Live In Harmony With God

God created us so that we could have fellowship with Him. It is our purpose as human beings to develop this loving relationship with God. At the same time, God has placed upon us the responsibility to create new life for this same purpose. This gives us the responsibility to do our best to make sure that each new life that we create lives up to its full potential and purpose.

We were given the ability to think and reason, although not to the extent that God, Himself does. We are not God. We are not greater than our creator and we can never be. Thus, we will always be dependent upon Him. That is how we were created. We are dependent upon God and we always will be, no matter what we are led to believe otherwise.

We Were Given the Ability To Have Fellowship With God

We were also given the ability to have a perfect and continual fellowship with God. That is why we have built within each of us the desire to reach out to the spiritual world. It is true that many have suppressed that desire until they deny that they even have it. However, it is still there.

Since people have been taught to deny that the God of the Bible exists, they reach out to whatever they can find in the spiritual world. Some try to find it within mystical relationships with other people. Others reach out and find demons, only to think that they have found a god or gods.

But that ability and desire to have fellowship with God is still there. No matter how far we wander from God, we still have the ability to respond to His love and seek His fellowship. As long as we are living on this earth, we have this ability to have fellowship with God.

This is why Christians have the awesome responsibility to keep telling non-Christians about the love of God through Jesus Christ. They still have the ability, they just have to be convinced that they can and be shown how they can develop it.

We Need to Live In Harmony With God

Yes, we were given the capacity for a perfect response to God’s will that would enable us to enjoy living as God intended for us to live. That is, to live in harmony with the rest of His creation, using everything that God has provided for us.

The desire to treasure living under the security of God’s restrictions is built into us. Deep down inside, we realize that these restrictions are for our own good. Inwardly, we do relish God’s protection for us. This is why we instinctively call out for Him whenever we are in trouble. If we were really honest with ourselves, we would desire to live securely in God’s love and under His rules.


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  1. If you were look at some sriptures in the bible it tells us that he knew us before the foundation of the world. He knew jeremiah before he was formed in the belly of his mother. In 1 peter christ was predestined to die on the cross before the world was created now why was god going to die for some one who had not existed because the spirits were in trouble he needed to start making plans to get us back home heaven. Were are the falling angels and the war in heaven was here on earth with us are evil nature we were born with. Why would, I want to go to heaven if there are wars up there if that’s the case then, I dont want to go to heaven. This is what it means when we talk about the hidden wisdon in 1 corth.

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