How To Study The Bible

The Bible was my passion because it is God’s Love Letter to us. It is God reaching out to us so that we might know Him. I know that many people believe that the Bible “contains” God’s Word and that we have to find out which actually came from God and which were thoughts that were inserted by men.

The Bible IS The Word Of God

Through my studies, I am convinced that every word in the Bible came directly from God. Yes, most of us only have translations of that original Word because we don’t read either Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. However, I believe that God has heavily influenced those who have translated it into our modern language.

The Original Languages

One thing that we must realize is that the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages are a different type of language than English. Whereas most of our words have a single meaning, words in these other languages can carry a multitude of related meanings. That is why you see different translators translating the original words into different English words.

This is the reason that when you study the Bible in English, you should use more than one translation. In fact, I think that the best translation to use for study is the Amplified Translation. This translation tries to bring out the full meaning of the original language.

Use More Than One Study Source

If you are serious about knowing what the real meaning of the word you are looking at is, I recommend getting the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. This book explains the meaning of the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word. By doing this, you will get a much fuller understanding of the Bible.

There are other books that can be helpful. The Young’s Concordance will complement Strong’s, giving you another perspective of the original language. Of course, Bible Dictionaries and Parallel Bibles are also very helpful.

I use a computer program called WordSearch with several different translations of the Bible in it. It also includes the Strongs’s Concordance. Since Strong’s is based on the King James Bible (It was the only published Bible when Strong completed his work and published it), all I have to do us find the word in the KJV and Strong’s study of that word pops up on my screen. I find it very helpful.

You Need To Study

But no matter what Bible you use or what Helps you use, it is important to study the Bible. Find our what God wants you to know so that you will be ready to meet him, either in the air, or when you die. If you want to find out more about studying the Bible, click here and go to where I have written more about it.

May God bless you in your study.

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