Marriage Is a Partnership

Marriage has been described as many different things. It is being under authority. It is the best relationship for two close friends. (This is why homosexuals want to be able to marry.) It is the best place to raise a family. But today, I want you to think about marriage in a different way. Think about marriage as being a partnership.

Partnerships Create Great Accomplishments

The best way to accomplish anything in life is through a partnership. Some people say that they are loners and don’t need anybody to help them. However, I find that these people are definitely in the minority. Most who say this are usually trying to cover up a desperate loneliness that they don’t even want to admit to themselves.

When people start a new business, they often look for someone to be their partner in the business. A partner can add expertise in areas that we lack and vice versa. In a partnership, we have someone to lean on when the going gets rough. We have someone to help us when we just can’t quite figure out how to do something. There is also someone to share our joys with.

Partnerships Share Responsibilities

In a partnership, each person accepts certain responsibilities for the relationship. Each knows their own strengths and weak­nesses, accepting responsibility in their areas of strengths and relinquishing responsibility in their areas of weakness. If a good partner has been chosen, each will complement the other and the business will be a suc­cess.

Partnerships Can Create Problems

One of the problems with a partnership is that we also have someone to blame when some­thing goes wrong. It is always much easier to blame someone else than to accept the fact that we had something to do with it. This, of course, puts a definite strain on any partnership

Another problem with a partnership is that not everyone is trustworthy. In this modern world it is all too easy to attach ourselves to someone who doesn’t mind cheating or even stealing, if they don’t think that they will get caught. Many businesses have failed simply because one of the partners got a little greedy.

This is the reason that we need to know a person well before we form a marriage partnership with them. We need to make sure that we have the same goals in life. And most importantly for a Christian is to make sure that your future partner is also a Christian with the same relationship with Jesus as you do.

Marriages Need to be Partnerships

Marriages also need to be partnerships. And they will succeed or fail for much the same reasons that business partnerships succeed or fail. It all depends on the person we choose as our partner.

The problem is that most people don’t look at marriage as a partnership. Too many men want their wives to accept all of the responsibility for the suc­cess of the marriage. However, in this modern world, I am finding that too many women are also saying that they are not responsibility to make sure the marriage works.

No business will ever suc­ceed with this type of an atti­tude. Neither will any marriage. As in any partnership, it is the responsibility of both the hus­band and wife to accept their share of responsibility.

Responsibilities Have Changed

In years past, this responsi­bility was somewhat clear-cut. The husband worked outside the home to provide money for the family and the wife worked in the home. In a successful mar­riage and family, each accepted their responsibility each ful­filled the role that was given to them.

Today, with many women also working outside the home, the situation has somewhat changed. Responsibilities are not so clear-cut. Now, marriage becomes more like a business partnership, that is, what the responsibilities are must be worked out between the couple. And they will differ from cou­ple to couple. The responsibili­ties must be divided so that each can contribute from their own area of expertise.

Sometimes, there are re­sponsibilities that neither wants, yet they must be done. Without an agreement, these will tear at the couple until something breaks. And what too often breaks is the marriage.

Responsibilities must be agreed upon and accepted. Every situation is different, but what often works is that unde­sirable responsibilities are shared so that neither feels “dumped on.”

A Marriage Partnership is a Commitment to Each Other

There is one element in a marriage partnership that will not be found in a business partnership. This is commitment to each other, not just to a part­nership. Marriage involves accepting another person into our lives, not just a business deal. Marriage is intimacy, which usually destroys a busi­ness relationship. Marriage is caring more for our partner than we do for ourselves.

So marriage becomes a deli­cate balance between accepting and sharing responsibility, and intimacy. It becomes a life-long challenge of working together to create a loving relationship. It is a partnership where each contributes more than their share, so that the result is a relationship where each is satisfied and fulfilled.


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