Muslims and Radical Muslims

There is a big difference between what the Koran teaches and what the radical Muslims (Jihadists) teach. Radical Muslims have hijacked the Islam religion and turned it into a religion that is far from its origins. This is not to say that Muslims worship the true God. In fact, they really do not know what god they are worshipping.

Muslims and Salvation

The Muslim god is certainly not the God of the Bible. The Muslim god does not offer any kind of assurance of salvation. Muslims can never have any assurance of spending eternity in heaven. In fact Muhammad wrote in the Koran [46:9] “Say, ‘I am not something original among the messengers, nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow that which is revealed to me, and I am not but a clear warner (one who warns).’”

It has also been reported that Mohammed was afraid to die because he didn’t know where he was going to spend eternity. It was reported that on his death bed he cried out to “Father Abraham” to plead with God to be accepted in heaven. Most Muslims do not know this about Mohammed.

Radical Muslim Teaching

It is estimated that less than 2% of Muslims are terrorists and less than 10% are sympathizers. Yet, these are the loudest and most outspoken. They are equivalent of the KKK in America. The only difference is that we in America have the Bible written in our own language and we know that the KKK is not Christian.

The vast majority of Muslims do not have the Koran translated into their native languages. In fact, they are taught that the Koran was written in the language of God (Classical Arabic) and can never be translated into any human language.

The truth is that the Koran has been translated into English and at least 33 other languages of the world. I really do not know how many Muslims even know this, let alone read any of the translations. Most believe that it is against god’s law to read the Koran in any other language than that in which it was originally written.

Thus, most Muslims only know what the Imams want them to know. And since most of the Imams were trained by radicals, the vast majority of Muslims do not know what the Koran truly teaches.

Radical Muslims (Jihadists) have taken the Islam religion and made it into a religion that wants to dominate the world. The strange thing is that in most Arab countries, the schools teach the history of Islam. In this history, they learn what Mohammad taught in the Koran. Yet, as they get older, they are indoctrinated into accepting radical Muslim teachings that are quite different than what is in the Koran.

Radical Muslims And The Hadith

Radical Muslims accept another source of Mohammed’s teachings and they are included in a record called the “Hadith.” This is a record of Mohammed’s words and deeds according to his wives, relatives, and companions. Most of the teachings of the radical Muslims come from this source. Notice that these writings were not written by Mohammed himself, but rather by his followers. Yet, they are accepted by the radical Muslims as being as true as the Koran itself. They believe that the Hadith is a true and correct interpretation of the Koran and what Mohammed taught.

In fact, if you go here you will find a collection of these other teachings. In the listing of the Hadith by the Translator M. Muhsin Khan there are 93 different texts of these writings. Another site is here where there are over 18,000 Hadith from 4 different translators.

There is also another site that has a listing of thousands of articles on Islam, most of them on the Hadith. These were compiled by Muslims.

It is from these writings that radical Muslims take most of their ideas. The problem is that from what I have seen, a great many of the ideas in the Hadith contradict what is written in the Koran.

If you read some of these, you will begin to realize the differences between the beliefs of Muslims who only accept the Koran and those who accept these other teachings.

Since many (if not most) of these later writings contradict what is written in the Koran, the question is “which should we follow?” The answer by the radical Muslims is to “follow the teachings you want to.”

Radical Muslims And Salvation

It is interesting to note that the Koran offers no assurance of salvation. In other words, there is nothing in the Koran that says that a Muslim can be assured of an eternal existence in heaven with Allah. So where do the radicals get the idea that a suicide bomber can be assured of living in Paradise with 72 virgins? I have not yet found it, but it must be in the Hadith because it is not in the Koran.

This is why radical Muslims do not want their people to read our Bible, even though the Koran commands them to read it (I will write about this later). When Muslims began studying the Bible with an open mind, they realize that Jesus (whom they believe existed on the earth) does offer them assurance of Paradise. Then, after they have received Jesus as their Savior, the Holy Spirit begins to work in them and then they realize that the Koran is not the Word of God, but rather the Bible is.

You see, Muslims are not assured of being able to live eternally in heaven. They believe that when they die, their deeds are weighed in a balance and if their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds, they will get to spend eternity in heaven. This is why radical Muslims emphasize that participating in Jihad is enough of a good deed to guarantee their entrance into heaven when they die. However, this is not in the Koran.

They Teach That Christians Follow Satan

The radical Muslims exploit the ignorance of the average Muslim. We know that our culture does not represent the teaching of the Bible but radical Muslims are teaching that America is Christian and our culture represents Christianity. It is no wonder that Muslims think that Christians are evil and follow Satan.

Even Muslims in America have fallen into that trap because they do not know what a born-again Christian really believes and lives. All that they know is what their Imams teach them and what our culture is portraying. So, most of them also equate Christianity with Satan and evil.

This is why we need to show Muslims (especially here in America) that real Christians do live by what our Bible says. We need to make sure that our every waking moment is being lived in accordance to what the Bible teaches. We need to demonstrate what following Jesus really means by the example of our own lives.

We need to reach out to them in love. We need to show them that following Jesus is what we do and what we want the rest of the world to do.

Most Muslims Are Illiterate

Another problem is that the vast majority of Muslims are illiterate. And of those that are literate (like most Muslims here in America), most cannot read the classical Arabic in which the Koran is written. And since the Muslim teaching is that the Koran can not be translated into any other language (including modern Arabic), it is estimated that only 2% of Muslims can even read the Koran. So, where do they get their knowledge of the Koran? From the Imams. And most of them have been trained by radical Muslims.

Thus, the vast majority of Muslims only know what the Imams have taught them. And since most Imams have been trained by radical Muslims, it is no wonder that Muslims believe what they do believe.

Muslims In America

There are many Muslims that have moved from Arab countries to America because they want to escape the violence of their native countries. The question is: “Why don’t they speak out against what the radical Muslims are doing?”

Think about the Christians in Germany during the reign of Hitler. Why didn’t they speak out against what Hitler was doing to the Jews? There were several reasons for this. Most Christians did not think that the situation could get any worse than it already was. They really did not want to get involved. They also thought that nothing was going to happen to them.

It turned out that what they thought could not happen, did happen. Many Christians were arrested and even put to death, even though they believed that the Nazis would not bother them. The same thing can happen right here in America to the Muslims.

Most Muslims here in America are just like the Christians in Germany. They really do not want to get involved. Others fear for their own lives if they speak out. Many Muslims right here in America have been threatened by their radical brethren simply because they expressed that they do not believe in terrorism or forcing Islam on Americans.

Don’t blame the average Muslim for not speaking out. They are no better or worse than the Christians in Germany during the time of Hitler.

We just need to be aware that there is more than one type of Muslim. The first type is Muslims who are trying to follow the Koran, even though they are not able to read it for themselves. The other types are the radical Muslims and those controlled by the radical Muslims. And these are the ones that we hear the most about. These are the ones that are making the headlines in the news.

Do Not Put All Muslims in One Basket

Try to understand that there are many different types of Muslims. They are not all terrorists. In fact, only a minority are. It is radical Muslims that everyone hears about. Remember that there are multitudes of Muslims that are really trying to live as they believe that their Koran teaches them to live.

These non-radical Muslims really do want to know more about God, and even more about Jesus. If you want to know more about how to help them to find this knowledge, keep reading the additional articles that I will be publishing.

Remember this. If you can turn one Muslim that is being influenced by a radical Imam from Jihad, think of what the reward will be. You can do it through simply loving him/her and showing them the kindness that comes from following Jesus.


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