Muslims And The Koran

The Koran is the Holy Book of Muslims. Actually, it is only 1 of 4 Holy Books of Islam. The Koran lists the other three as “the Torah,” our Old Testament, “the Psalms” and the “the Gospels,” our New Testament. You will find that Muslims usually only accept the Koran as their Holy Book because they do not know what the Koran actually says.

Very Few Muslims Can Read The Original Koran

One fifth of the world’s population is Muslim today and they have absolutely no assurance of salvation. Less than 20% of these Muslims are Arabs, who can speak Arabic. Yet, less than 20% of those who speak Arabic can actually read the Koran. And since the Koran was written in classical Arabic, even fewer can understand what it says because classical Arabic is different than modern Arabic.

The Difficulty Of Translations

You can begin to understand this difference if you try to read our English Bible in an original King James manuscript. I do not mean a modern King James Bible. I mean one that is written with the original English script in which it was written.

If you want to know what I mean go to Then go down to the bottom of the advertisement of the 1611 King James Bible and click on one of the images where it says to “Click on to Enlarge.” It will take a lot of effort on your part to read and understand what is written, even though it is written in English. It is just old English.

Even if you just change the way that the letters were printed in 1611 to modern day script, you will find that it is not very easy to read. Go to The Official King James Bible Online and click on any of the books of the Bible and you will see what I mean. It still is not very easy to read. Old English is quite different than our modern English. The same is true with classical Arabic and modern Arabic.

The Koran Cannot Lawfully Be Translated

The truth is that less than 2% of Muslims are able to read the Koran (some say only .5%). Since this is true, how do Muslims know what is in the Koran? Since it is not lawful for the Koran to be translated into any other language, only commentaries on the Koran can lawfully be written. And guess what? Most of these commentaries are written by Imams and most of them have been taught by radical Muslims.

Just as a side note. The Koran has already been translated into, not only English, but also many other languages. Go to and you will find not only the Arabic, but also 6 English Translations and 33 other modern languages.

Another place where the Koran has been translated is by the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement and there you will find 3 different translations of the Koran into English. The also has 4 different translations of the Koran into English.

Various Interpretations Of The Koran

Yes, there have been many different translations of the Koran into English. When you read them, you realize that they are even more varied than the English translations of our own Bible. In studying these translations, I can understand how the Radical Muslims can find the meanings in the Koran that they want to find. These different English translations of the Koran are even more varied than we find in various English translations of the Bible.

For instance, Iran has proclaimed that the Koran says that they must inherit Palestine, not the Jews. As I read the various translations, most of them do not indicate this. However, I found one translation that might be interpreted to say this. Radical Muslims do interpret the Koran as they want to, in the way that fits their agenda of taking over the world.

However, if these radical Muslims would just read and accept everything that is in their Koran about how they are to treat Jews and Christians, they could not interpret it to say that they are to destroy all Jews (and Christians). Radical Muslims (Jihadists) have their own agenda and interpret the Koran according to that agenda.

Most Muslims Do Not Read These Translations

I suspect that Muslims do not go to these sites where there are translations of the Koran into their own language because they know that, according to their law, it is forbidden to translate the Koran into another language. Thus, it would be forbidden to read it in English.

However, Muslims are no different than the rest of us. They are curious people. If their curiosity becomes stronger than their allegiance to their religious rules, they just might begin to read these translations. Thus, it does not hurt, and just might help, to tell your Muslim friends about these translations that are on the Internet.

Just realize that most Muslims have no idea what is taught in their Koran. They only know what their Imams teach them. Is it any wonder that the average Muslim does not speak out against the radical Muslims? They do not know any better.

Muslims and Sin

Muslims have a very different understanding of sin than Christians do. Actually, Judaism and Christians have different views of sin. Jews cover their sin instead of getting rid of it. Christians accept the forgiveness of their sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, that is, through His death and resurrection. Jesus Christ does away with sin, not just cover it up.

Muslims have a very different view. They believe that god forgives whoever he wants to forgive. In other words, it is up to god, not up to us. They believe that when we die, god takes all of our earthly deeds and puts them on a balance. All of the good deeds go on one side and all of our evil deeds go on the other side.

However, since it is up to god to determine which of our deeds are good and which are evil, A Muslim has no idea if his good deeds will outweigh his bad deeds. Thus, according to the Muslim belief, it is still up to god to determine if he wants us in his heaven or not.

Even Mohamed did not know if he was good enough to get into heaven. It is recorded that on his deathbed he cried out to Father Abraham to plead with god to be accepted into heaven. You see, there is no assurance of salvation in Islam.

Only The Bible Teaches About Sin

This is why it is so important to get Muslims to realize that their Koran says that they must read the Christian Scriptures as well as the Koran. In the Christian Scriptures, especially the New Testament, they will learn that there is assurance of salvation through Jesus.

Remember that the Koran does talk a lot about Jesus, it just doesn’t explain that there is salvation through Him. When a Muslim seeks to know more about who Jesus is, direct them to the Bible and explain that the Bible can give them much more information about Him.

Do not try to explain that God will forgive their sin. They cannot understand that concept. Simply direct them to the New Testament and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them. If they ask you questions, answer them, but allow the Holy Spirit to convict them.

What You Can Do

If you really want to help a Muslim to find Jesus and the salvation that He offers, go to the internet sites that I have listed above and read for yourself what the Koran says. If you do this, you will have a much better understanding of what Muslims believe. You will also realize that the radical teachings of the Jihadists are not in the Koran.

If you want to witness to Muslims, keep on reading these articles that I am writing. The last one will talk specifically about how to witness to a Muslim.


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