The Importance Of Babylon

The importance of Babylon has been way underestimated. Babylon is one of the most important cities in the Bible, and in the world. Babylon’s importance will soon be realized.

The History Of Babylon

Babylon is mentioned 280 times in the Bible. This is more than any city except Jerusalem. Babylon is easily the most important pagan city that ever existed. Babylon’s influence spread all over the known world. Most importantly, it spread to Rome, where it shaped all the developing nation states and most cities during the next 2500 years.

Long before the word for it had been coined, socialism had been a Babylonian philosophy for the conduct of government, commerce and religion. It was a form of organized living independent of God. Does this remind you of what is happening here in America today?

Babylon is where Satan located his headquarters and began his centuries old battle against God for the conquest of the souls of men. It was in Babylon that the seeds were planted for all the major religions of the world. According to the prophet Daniel (and secular history), all world governments from that time on have been inferior to Babylon.

The Destruction of Babylon

Some Bible teachers are saying that the abandoned ruins of the city fulfilled prophecy. However, Babylon was never destroyed as Isa 13:19 says it will be. Isaiah 13:19 (NIV) says: “Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of the Babylonians’ pride, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

No, ancient Babylon was never “destroyed.” It was simply abandoned over time and eventually the sands mostly covered it. Throughout Isaiah and Jeremiah there are scriptures that indicate that Babylon will be destroyed, not abandoned. Other prophets also seem to indicate the same end for Babylon. So this event must still be in our future.

The Future of Babylon

Throughout history many have tried to rebuild Babylon, but they have all failed. Babylon would never be a world government again, until the end times. God revealed, through Daniel, that there would be only four world governments. They were:

1 – Babylon,

2 – Medo-Persia,

3 – Greece

4 – Rome.

Yes, there will be one more world government. However, this one will grow out of the ruins of ancient Rome. Daniel 7 says that this final one world government will come out of the ruins of ancient Rome. However, as were the former world governments, this government will also be controlled by the same philosophy as Babylon was, that is, a socialistic government that exists independently of God.

Will Babylon Be Rebuilt?

It has already started. Before Iraq was invaded, Saddam Hussein had already begun rebuilding Babylon. As early as 1971 he was given 30 million dollars by an oil-rich citizen of Iraq to begin the rebuilding of Babylon.  The first building constructed was a Temple to the sun god. Since then, untold millions more have been spent to rebuild the 21 square mile ancient city.

On June 28, 1990, Diane Sawyer and Sam Donaldson reported on Prime Time Live that Saddam Hussein had spent over a billion dollars of his oil wealth rebuilding the city as a monument to himself.

In the Book of Revelation, Babylon is mentioned in chapters 14, 16, 17 and 18. This is still in our future. Yes, Babylon will be rebuilt again, just as the Scriptures indicate.

I realize that some Biblical scholars insist that “Babylon” is simply a metaphor for the headquarters of this last one world government. They have talked about it being New York City, or in Belgium, or another city in Europe.

However, there are way too many Scriptures in the Bible that indicate that Babylon will be constructed again and will be a central fixture in the world government.

Will We See It?

If you have read my previous articles on the Second Coming and the Rapture, you know that it is very possible, in fact likely. Not only will we see the rebuilding of the city of Babylon (since it has already started), we will see it become a major influence in the world of politics and religion.

There may not be very much publicity on it. The world’s attention is now centered on Israel. But keep looking, because it is happening. We may not see Babylon become a powerful influence in the world before the Rapture, but it certainly will be after the Rapture.


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