The Judgments of God

God has done everything He can, other than take away our freedom, to get us to accept His way of life for us. He first sent prophets. Then He sent His only Son to die on the cross for us. Yet, multitudes still refuse to accept God’s way of life that He created us to have. The time will come when He gives the unrepentant one last chance. This is when He brings the Judgments of Revelation to the earth.

Why God Brings Judgment

So, why does the Bible say that God will bring all these judgments on the world? If God is so good, why is He going to bring all this torment and disasters on the world? The answer is very simple. He wants to give every human being the best chance he has to accept God and His way of life.

God knows us. After all He created us. He knows that we usually do not make a choice, especially a tough choice, unless we are forced to. He knows that we will not change our way of living unless our current way of living is bringing evil upon us. If we are happy with what is happening in our lives right now, we will not make any changes.

So, if God causes evil and bad things to happen to us, hopefully we will wake up and see the light. We will see that we are living a life apart from God. We will see that we can have a much better life by accepting what God has to offer us.

There are more people living on the earth than every before. God is going to give those who have not accepted His invitation to spend eternity with Him, the opportunity to do so. He is finally going to force them to make an eternal decision.

It is His eternal love that is causing God to do this. He wants everyone to love and have fellowship with Him. But He will not force anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. However, we fast approaching the time in our history when He will force people to make a final decision.

The Judgment of God in Revelation

So God has devised a series of judgments to be poured out on the earth. They start out as  experiences that are easy to accept and even understand. As time goes on, they each get more destructive and painful. In fact, the first of these judgments can and probably will be interpreted by many just as natural events.

What About the Rapture?

Many have asked in reference to these judgments: “When is the Rapture?” God does not tell us exactly when something will happen and that is the case here also. The Rapture is not mentioned anywhere in these judgments.

Personally, I think that the rapture will happen sometime before the opening of the seventh seal because right after the opening of the sixth seal, God places His seal on the foreheads of all believers who are on the earth. A study of this seal that God places on His servants shows us that this seal is placed on the foreheads of believers who are saved after the rapture.

There has been much speculation about it. Some say that it will happen even before these judgments start. Others say that it will happen sometime during these judgments even though there is little agreement as to when during these judgments. The fact is that God says nothing about the Rapture when He tells about these judgments.

There are three series of judgments. The first is the opening of the 7 seals. The second is the blowing of the 7 trumpets. And the third is the pouring out of the 7 bowls of wrath.

The 7 Seals

The first four seals are often referred to as the riding of the four horsemen. They refer to the coming of the Antichrist, what he does and the result of his actions. The purpose of the opening of these first four seals is to inform those who know about these Scriptures that the judgments of God have started.

At the opening of the fifth seal, we are given a glimpse into heaven to show us what is going on there. Actually, we are given visions of heaven several times during these judgments. The purpose of these visions is to help us to understand what is happening from God’s perspective. Otherwise, we could very easily get a wrong idea of what is going on and why.

With the opening of the sixth seal, the events change from something that is done by humans to a supernatural event caused by God, Himself. However, it is still something that many are going to interpret as being caused by nature. It is a huge volcanic eruption, bigger than anything that has yet occurred on earth during our lifetime. In fact, scientists are already warning us that an event like this could happen very soon.

The opening of the seventh seal causes the blowing of the seven trumpets.

The 7 Trumpets

The events that happen during the blowing of the seven trumpets are also supernatural events. However, people will try to explain away these events as being extraordinary, yet only natural occurrences.

Already scientists are explaining how the heat from the sun can increase, how a Tsunami could be caused by a mountain falling into the sea, what could cause the sea to turn red and poison the fish, etc.

If you still happen to be living on the earth when this happens, don’t believe the scientists and what they are saying. These events are being caused by God to try to get the unredeemed to repent and accept Him as their God.

The 7 Bowls of Wrath

This is the final and most horrifying of the judgments. After the trumpets have been blown, the Bible says that the unredeemed will have hardened their hearts against God. Thus, God is now going to pour out His wrath on them. This is why this series of judgment are called The Seven Bowls of Wrath. You do not want to be around when this happens.

However, even during the pouring out of the Seven Bowls of Wrath, God is still open to people repenting and giving their lives to Him through Jesus. If you are still on the earth during this time, remember this is your last chance. Don’t miss it.

This series of judgments leads up to the final battle of Satan against God’s people. This battle is called The Battle of Armageddon. As you will see, it is really not a battle at all but simply an annihilation of the armies of the world that have gathered to annihilate Israel.

My next seven articles will have to do with these judgments. My next one will give a brief summary of each of the judgments. Then the next six will explain those judgments in much more detail.


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