The Rebuilding of the Temple

The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple has been in the minds of Jews ever since the destruction of the last one. Today, this idea is not only alive and well, but groups within Israel and around the world are actively planning on the rebuilding.

Three huge reasons For Rebuilding The Temple

1) The fulfillment of a national dream of the Jewish people.

2) A rallying point for the nation’s religious and cultural heritage.

3) God said that it would happen.

What is strange is that many of those advocating to rebuild the Temple view the matter in more nationalistic than religious terms. They believe that until the Temple Mount is in Israeli control, then Israel is not really Israel yet.


Rumors of work being done for the rebuilding of the Temple have been circulating for a number of years. Many of these claims simply cannot be believed such as the one that 60,000 tons of pre-cut stones had been shipped from Indiana to Israel. There is no reason for this, Israel has plenty of pure white limestone to build it’s own Temple.

The Israelites Are Ready To Rebuild The Temple

The most interesting part of this is that it is reported that actually everything is ready to start rebuilding the Temple tomorrow. There are 12 different groups that have been preparing for this occasion. They’ve chosen the location, have a computer registry of 300,000 of the sons of Aaron (the Levites), many robes have been prepared and over 150 sacred vessels have already been restored. There has already been a new generation of Levite Priests trained and ready to work in the Temple.

I have seen pictures of the Golden Crown on the Internet that the High Priest will wear. It has already been made. It consists of 600 grams of pure gold. The blueprints for the Temple are also printed and ready to be used.

Other Items, such as the Menorah, which is covered with 95 pounds of pure gold ($2,000,000 worth) are already made and waiting to be put in the new Temple. The cornerstones for this third Temple have already been cut. I have seen pictures of these stones on the Internet as well. In fact, there is a model of this Temple that has been placed near the Holy Mount where it is to be built. There are also other models in various places in Jerusalem.

The Temple Institute reports that over sixty sacred Temple vessels have already been made. If you are interested in seeing pictures of many of these items, click here and go to the Temple Institute Webside.

The Location Of The Temple Is Known

Most people do not realize but there are many tunnels under the Temple Mount. Some are open to the public, although when they are open is up to the whim of the Jewish Government. In addition, there are many more tunnels that have been dug because they want to know exactly where the original Temple was built. There are many other tunnels under the Western Wall plaza.

The New Sanhedrin

Note that in 2004 a new Sanhedrin was formed of 71 Rabbis. This is the first time since 358 AD that a Sanhedrin has met. This is Judaism’s highest-ranking legal-religious tribunal. Thus, Israel now has the religious organization that is necessary for the governing of a new Temple.

The Arc Of The Covenant

Many have asked about the Ark of the Covenant. Won’t it be needed for the new Temple? The answer is yes. I know that the location of the Ark has been reported to be in many different places around the world. However, recent evidence shows that it just may be hidden in Jerusalem.

In 1981, Rabbi Yedhuda Getz said that he knows where it is hidden because he and Rabbi Shlomo Goren and one other Rabbi found it hidden in a chamber under where the original Temple stood. They have both stated, on camera, what they found. It is common knowledge among Rabbis in Israel that the location is known. Click Here to see the video where they state this fact.

When Will The Temple Be Rebuilt?

When will this Temple be built? Everything seems to be in place, except for permission to build it. It has been estimated that this Temple could be rebuilt within one year, fully functional and performing the daily sacrifices.

This will happen only after there is a treaty signed that will allow it to be built. When will this be? I don’t know. But I believe that it will happen suddenly and when we least expect it.

However, when you hear of it happening, watch out, the Second Coming is just around the corner.


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