The World and Israel

Pick up any newspaper today and you guaranteed to read something about a little country of about 5 million people in the middle East called Israel. This world has many more countries and even more cities with a bigger population than that. Why such an emphasis on such a tiny country in the middle of nowhere?

Israel Is God Chosen People

Perhaps that answer lies in the fact that Israel IS God’s chosen people. Perhaps it is the fact that Israel is the country that will determine the future of the world. Perhaps it is because the world is turning against God and Israel is the people of God.

Countless people discount the Bible as God’s Holy Word. Yet, it is the Bible that has predicted that in the end times, the rest of the world will be focused on this little country of Israel. Yes, this tiny country (at one point only nine miles wide), is now the central focus of the whole world.


Everyone has heard of Armageddon. There have even been movies made around this topic. Armageddon refers to the valley of Megiddo that is in Israel. Yes, this is where the final battle to end all battles will be fought. It is where the armies of the world will gather to fight this greatest battle of all.

The Future Of The World Is Centered On Israel

If you want to know what is going to happen in the future, keep your eyes focused on Jerusalem and Israel. What happens there will affect the rest of the world. What happens in the rest of the civilized world will be centered on what happens in Israel. We cannot escape the fact that the future of the world is centered on Israel.

Radical Muslims

Look at Iran and rest of the radical Muslims. They are obsessed with Israel. They want Israel totally destroyed. Why? It is such a little country. There is nothing in Israel that would benefit them. It is true that if Israel were destroyed, the Palestinians would have their own country. But this, in itself, is no reason to put so much money and effort into destroying Israel.

So why is Iran and Syria and other Muslim countries all focusing on destroying Israel. They have nothing to gain. These other countries would really gain nothing if Israel were destroyed. The reason is simple. It is because Israel is God’s chosen people.

Now keep in mind that I am not talking about all Muslims. I am talking about the radical Muslims and the radical Muslim leaders of these countries. You don’t hear about it in the newspapers, but in all the underground reports that I have been reading, the vast majority of Muslims are not out to destroy Israel. It is only the radicals.

Exciting Times

We live in exciting times, at least for Christians who know and understand that God has control of history. It is a very frightening time for most other people. We are in a war that is very difficult to understand. Wars are usually fought between nations, but this one is being waged by a people that are spread across many nations.

A New Type of War

Jesus warned us that in the last days that: “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” Matthew 24:7 (NIV)  In other words, in the last days a war will be fought by a kingdom against another kingdom.

That is what is happening right now. The kingdom of the radical Muslims are waging a war against the kingdom of Jews and Christians. It is no longer nations against other nations as every war has been in the past. It is one kingdom against another kingdom.

We really don’t know who we are fighting. There is no identifying nation that we can pinpoint. We just know we are in danger. And the enemy is not just overseas. The enemy may be living next door to us and we don’t even know it.

This Is A War Involving Religion, Not Politics

Even though our government refuses to acknowledge it, this is a war centered around religion. On the one side are those radicals who have hijacked Islam. On the other side is Israel, and America because we support Israel. It is between those who want to force Islam on the whole world and those who are followers of Almighty God, that is Jews and Christians.

Keep your eyes focused on Israel and what is happening there and you will begin to understand what is happening in the world.


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