Three Millennium Views

This is the second article on the Millennium. The Millennium is a long-held belief. Ever since the Bible was written, people have discussed what this millennium will be like. There were actually three different views concerning the millennium that were developed. Each of these views had many followers. Even today there are followers of each of these Millennium Views

This First View Is Called Amillennialism

This is not the first belief that was developed. The first was actually Premillennialism. We will discus that one later. Amillennialism is the belief that there is no future Millennium here on the earth, but that this prophecy of the Millennium will be fulfilled in eternity. That is, it is something that will happen for us after we die.

This belief slowly crept into the church after Augustine published his writings. Augustine introduced the practice of spiritualizing and allegorizing the Scripture. This theology opened the door to many pagan doctrines and practices. It actually helped to plunged the Western world into the Dark Ages for over eleven hundred years.

These were called the Dark Ages because people had little or no access to the Scriptures. They only knew what the leaders of the church told them. And since most of them were heavily influenced by the writings of Augustine, the literal interpretation of the Scriptures was not taught by the church.

This theology is still being taught by the “Intellectuals” within the church. These are those who think that only they have a true understanding of what the Scripture says. And since they comes from seminaries that are heavily influenced by the writings of Augustine, they believe and teach the theology of Amillennialism.

The Next View Is Called Postmillennialism

Postmillennialism is the view that the church will evangelize the world, making it progressively better until it finally ushers in the kingdom of God. This view began to become popular in the Seventeenth-century. It was taught by an Anglican Priest named Daniel Whitby.

This belief is not very widespread in our modern world. People began to realize that the whole world was not going to accept Jesus as God, nor accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Then, after the atrocities of World War I, this belief went into a sharp decline. In fact, there are only a few groups who still cling to this position. Most of them are known as Reconstructionists. You will be hard-pressed to find someone today that believes in Postmillennialism.

The Third View Is Called Premillennialism

This was the view held by the early church. In fact, it was the prevailing view up until about the fourth century. To hold this view, one has to believe in the literal interpretation of the Scriptures. That is, that the Scriptures mean what they actually say.

This is the view that, following the Tribulation Period, there would be a thousand years of peace that would be heralded in by the return of Jesus Christ. During that thousand years of peace, Jesus would rule the world from Jerusalem.

If you believe that the Bible is God’s Message to His creation, you cannot help but believe that Jesus is coming back to the earth to rule for a thousand years from Jerusalem.

If God Is God, We Must Believe Him

If God actually is God, then He must have the power to reveal His Message to us. Remember, God created us as free creatures. He will not force us to do anything against our will. However, heaven is only for those who want to walk with God.

If God really loves us, as the Bible states over and over, then He must want to tell us how we can live with Him forever. If God is God, then He must have the ability to reveal His Will to us. And this is exactly what He has done through our Holy Bible.

If you reject what the Bible actually says, then you are rejecting God, Himself. God has done all He can to reveal Himself to us. Remember He will not force us to do anything against our own will so all He can do is to reveal His Will to us and hope that we will accept it.

If you want to live with God forever, then you must learn how to do this. The Bible reveals this truth to us. Go to “How To Live Forever” and find our what God wants us to know.


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