What Good Is The Bible?

The Holy Bible is a very unique book. Whereas most other holy books were written by only one person, the Holy Bible was written by approximately 40 different writers and covers a span of about 1400 years. Yet, the message of those 40 writers is the same. They do not contradict each other. In fact, they complement each other.

Another big difference is that other holy books contain the story of man’s search for God, or man’s search for immortality. However, the Holy Bible is a history of God’s revelation of Himself to and through the human race. It is the story of God reaching out to us.

Archaeology Proves the Bible

The Bible has never been corchaeology Proves the Biblntradicted through archaeology. It has always vindicated what was written in the Bible. For instance, people have doubted that there could ever have been an Exodus from Egypt by the Israelites. Yet, archaeologists have discovered a number of evidences showing that the Bible’s exodus account was an actual event, This include chariot wheels which are embedded in coral along the land bridge at the bottom of the Red Sea.

The Bible Is More Than History

Yes, the Bible contains a wealth of historical information that has been documented by archaeologists during the last two centuries. But it contains much more than this. 25% of the Bible contains instruction on how to live in the present and how to treat others. 28% is prophecy, some of which has already been fulfilled in Israel and more which is still to come.

The Bible gives us information that cannot be found anywhere else. Yet, people continue to reject it because they cannot comprehend the idea that it was given to us by God, Himself. Yet, this is the only explanation for the possibility of 40 different writers all saying the same thing, pointing to the same conclusion and never contradicting each other.

Yes, I know that people had stated that they have found contradictions in the Bible. However, if you look at the Bible as a whole, and the context in which these “contradictions” occur, you will find that these so called contradictions are not contradictions at all.

The Old Testament Prophesied The Coming of Jesus

Many claim that the Bible is simply a record of people who lived a long time ago. They wrote down what they believed and nothing else. This was originally taught by Robert G. Ingersoll who wrote “About the Holy Bible” in 1894. If this is true, then someone needs to explain to me how there can be over 360 prophecies in the Old Testament that foretell the coming of Jesus. These were all written many different people at different times.

There is only one credible explanation concerning the Bible. We are not the greatest and most powerful creature in the universe. God is. And He has given us His Holy Word in the Bible so that we can find and know Him.

Why Doesn’t God Make Us Love and Live Right?

If God is so powerful, why doesn’t He just make us love and follow Him? First of all, you cannot make anyone love. Love can only come from a creature that is also free to do the opposite of love, that is, be indifferent or even hate.

Second, God created us as free creatures so that we could love. The truth is that God loves us so much that He will not force us to do anything we do not want to do. It is true that only those who do what God commands will enter Heaven, but God will not force us to do anything against our own will. He wants us to be loving creatures and remember, only free creatures can truly love.

So Why Did God Give Us The Bible?

God gave us the Bible so that we could learn how to live with Him forever. He is doing everything He possible can (other than forcing us) to enable us to find our way into Heaven. He has even provided a very simple way for us to do this. God knows that it is impossible to live a perfect life, that is, without sinning against His own laws. And if we are going to live in Heaven, we are going to have to want to live within His laws.

So God explains to us in His Holy Bible that all we must do is accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and we can enter His Heaven. This shows God that we really do want to live within His laws. The problem is that too many people believe that this is too simple, that we have to live a “good life” in order to get into Heaven. This is not what God tells us.

Find Out For Yourself

Read the Bible. Find out what God is actually saying to us. My recommendation is to start with the book of John. This is the best Gospel to understand why Jesus came and why we must accept Him to have eternal life. Then start with the book of Matthew and read through the New Testament. After you understand the New Testament, then the Old Testament will make more sense to you.


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