What Is A Muslim?

When the word Muslim is mentioned, our usual thought about it is “terrorism.” Our first response is “Destroy them all.” However, before you jump to this conclusion, you do need to understand what a “Muslim” really is. In one way, “Muslims” are like “Christians.” Just as there are many different types of Christians, there are many different types of Muslims. And the many differences between Muslims is just as great as the differences between Christians.

This is the first of a series of 8 articles on Muslims. I hope that they will help you to understand Muslims a little better. And I especially hope that you will be able to better relate to the Muslims that you encounter. Remember, you may be the only chance that they have to find a saving relationship with Jesus.

The Definition of “Muslim”

The word “Muslim” means “totally committed to God.” Here is how you can open up a conversation with a Muslim. If he/she asks you if you are a Muslim. Ask him what “Muslim” means. If he is knowledgeable at all about his religion, he will tell you that it means “totally committed to God.” Then you can respond, “I am also totally committed to God.”

A Muslim is a believer in or follower of Islam. Islam is the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad. However, Islam is more than just a religious system. It is a way of life.

We in America have been trained to separate our religion and our way of life, specifically how we are governed. Thus, Americans believe in the separation of church and state, e.g. religion and government. This does not work very well and the Muslims know this. Our “religion” must affect every area of our life or it is not a valid “religion.”

This is why Muslims cannot accept true Christianity. They see our civilization and conclude that this is what true Christianity is because we should be living by what our Holy Book (our Bible) says that we should live. We call ourselves a Christian Nation, yet our civilization does not live by that the Bible says. We need to understand this, because this is why Muslims do not accept Christianity and thus do not accept Christians.

A Muslim cannot accept the idea of separating their religion and their way of life. If we can understand and accept this idea, we will begin to understand who Muslims are.

There Are 3 Types of Muslims

Just as there are several different types of Christians, there are several different types of Muslims. Yes, they are all centered around Islam, but the interpretation of their Holy Books separate them into several different types of Muslims.

There are basically three different types of Muslims. Yes, there are many different variations among these three different types, but just as there are three main classifications of Christians, there are three main classifications, or types of Muslims.

The first are those who truly want to follow the Koran and God. However, they are hindered by not being able to read their Koran. Why? It is because Muslims believe that the Koran cannot be translated into any other language. It must only be read in classical Arabic, the language that the Koran was written in.

However, they truly want to follow God and live in peace with the world. Deep down inside, they do not agree with the Jihadists that want to kill everyone that does not believe like they do.

But, they are hindered about speaking out against them for two reasons. First, they are afraid of the Jihadists because Jihadists want to kill everyone who does not agree with them and their radical ideas. And we know that this includes other Muslims that do not accept their radical ideas. Second, by speaking out against radical Muslims (Jihadists), they feel that they are speaking against Islam.

There are many in this classification of Muslims, especially here in America. However, as noted above, they are silent in the expression of their beliefs. It is very difficult to detect and identify Muslims who are in this classification.

The second type are those who are under the control of the radical Muslims, that is, the Jihadists. They have been trained from their childhood by radical Muslims and have never been exposed to or understood any other teaching. They live under the control of the radical Muslims.

Thus, they have been lured into a false understanding of what Muhammad actually taught. These are the people that are carrying out the commands of the Jihadists. They do not understand what they are doing. They are simply pawns of the Jihadists. There are millions of Muslims in this classification.

The truth is that there are more and more of this type of Muslims that are being trained and raised up right here in America. It may not seem possible, but it is true. They are being trained in Mosques that are run by radical Muslims. It has been reported that about 80% of the Mosques here in America are funded by Saudi Arabia. How many of these do you think are run by radical Imams?

The third type are the Jihadists themselves. These are those who truly want to control the world. And they know that the best way to do this is through forcing Islam and sharia law on the rest of the world. It is estimated that there less than 2% of Muslims in this category, yet they are the most vocal and have control over the previous classification of Muslims. This is why we hear the most about them and why most people conclude that all Muslims are this type.

There Are Several Sects of Muslims

You also need to know that are not only two main sects of Muslims, the Shiites and Sunnis, but also many other minor sects. Each of them have their own beliefs. Are they all terrorists? No! In fact, only a very small minority are but these terrorists are the ones that we hear of. These are the ones that are causing all of the trouble in the Middle East, as well as in the rest of the world.

What is interesting to me is how much of the Koran that the Radical Muslims (Jihadists) refuse to acknowledge. Even though the Koran does distinguish between Christians who believe in and follow the Book (Bible) and those who call themselves Christians but who do not follow what is written in the Book (Bible), radical Muslims simply classify all Christians in the latter class.

However, the Koran says [29.46] “And do not dispute with the followers of the Book except by what is best, except those of them who act unjustly, and say: We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him do we submit.”

Notice that the Koran actually says that the Muslim’s god is the came God that Jews and Christians worship. Yet, the Imams are teaching that the Christian God is different than their own god. And since they will not acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and that salvation comes through Him, modern Muslims do worship a different god.

Muslims Are Not All The Same

Do not put all Muslims in the same basket, just as you should not put all Christians in the same basket. We know that there are vast differences between various Christian groups. The same is true with Muslims. There are vast differences between the different Muslim groups.

In fact, the average Muslim, especially here in America, need to realize that radical Muslims are just as much a threat to them as they are to us who are not Muslims. In all the countries that radical Muslims have gained power, even Muslims who do not believe exactly as they do are persecuted and even killed.

Keep in mind that God wants everyone saved, and that includes all Muslims. Keep in mind that because of their different beliefs, not every Muslim is going to listen to you. However, there are many open minded Muslims who will talk with you. And there are many others that have studied Islam and have concluded that they really do not understand what they have studied.

The number one rule when you are talking with a Muslim is this: “Do not say anything against the Koran.” Keep in mind that if you approach the Koran correctly, you can use it to lead a Muslim to read the Bible.

You see, the Koran says that every good Muslim needs to read, not only the Koran, but also “the Torah” (our Old Testament), “the Psalms,” and “the Gospels” (our New Testament). I will be writing more about this in future articles. If you point this out to them, and they are sincerely seeking God, you will lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The best way to approach any Muslim is by loving them. Reach out to them in love. Do loving and kind things for them and do not expect anything in return. After all, this is what Jesus commands us to do. Do it especially toward Muslims.

I will be writing more about what Muslims believe in future articles.


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