What Is Faith?

“Just have faith.” This is one of the most quoted phrases in the English language. I hear it all the time. My question is: “Have faith in what?” The people that say this seem to mean that it doesn’t matter what our faith is in, just as long as we have faith.

This seems to follow right along with the idea that truth is relative. In other words, there is no absolute truth, there is only truth as we see it to be true. So, my guess is that they mean to have faith in whatever it is that you think is true and it will be true for you.

Relative Truth Is Not Very Sound

If there is no absolute truth, then there is nothing that I can really rely on. If there is no absolute truth, then life is just a guessing game. All we can hope for is to just live for one more day. In other words, life is just one chance after another.

This makes for a very uncertain future. In other words, here is really nothing that I can depend on. How can I plan for a future if I have no idea what to plan for? It is no wonder that so many people who believe this are so sad, confused and even commit suicide.

There is an Absolute Truth

God has established what is true and He has revealed it to us in His Holy Bible. This truth is the foundation that we can build our faith on. All we need to do is to believe what God has told us.

If you have trouble believing the truth that is revealed in the Bible, start listening to the multitudes that have proven that truth in their own lives. Start listening to Christian Television and hearing the many testimonies of miracles that God has performed in peoples lives.

If there were only a few of these testimonies given, I could doubt that any were true. However, I have personally heard hundreds of these testimonies and so there must be some truth to them. Yes, the fact is that miracles are happening all around us. Just open your eyes and ears and receive what is happening.

God is real and He has established His Truth on the earth. All you must do is to have faith in what God has revealed to us. True Faith is believing what God says. Just remember that there is more than just one type of faith. But they both have the foundation that it is a faith is God and what He says.

A Child-like Faith

This is the first type of faith that we all have. It is like when we were small children. We had absolute faith in our parents. (This is true unless the parents destroy that trust.) Just look at small children. They have no fear as long as one of their parents are close by. They just feel safe when one of their parents are close.

This is the way it is what a new Christian. They have no reason to have faith in God, except that they have accepted what the Bible says. They accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and simply placed their trust in Him. They cannot tell you why they have this faith or why they have accepted it. They just do because they feel it in their life.

They cannot tell you why they believe what they do, they just feel it in their life. They cannot tell you why they believe that when they die they will go live with Jesus in heaven, they just believe it.

There is nothing wrong with a child-like faith. It is what we all start with. However, this faith can be very easily destroyed. This is why we must grow in our faith until we have a mature faith.

A Mature Faith

This is a faith that is built upon a solid and strong foundation. This is a foundation that is unmovable because it is established in absolute truth. Any foundation that is built on relative truth is like a foundation laid on the sand. It is easily destroyed. However, a foundation build on absolute truth is like a foundation build on a solid rock. It cannot be easily destroyed.

A Mature Faith Has Three Parts To It.

First, it is a faith that is built upon knowledge that has a solid foundation in God’s Word. This is because God’s Word is Absolute Truth. This foundation is build through a faithful study of God’s Word. This knowledge comes after a period of time, sometimes after many years of study. So don’t give up. Take as much time as you need to build this first part of the foundation of your faith.

The second part of the foundation is assent or acceptance of the knowledge you have acquired. This can come piece by piece as you are building your foundation through study. Or it can come after a long period of study.

But this knowledge must be more than a head knowledge. It must become a heart knowledge. In other words, the knowledge that you learn must become a part of your life. It is then that you know that you have accepted this knowledge.

The third part of a solid and strong foundation is Trust. This is when what you have learned, not only becomes a part of your life, but it becomes your life. When you reach this point in building your faith, there is no amount of lies by the enemy that is going to get you to change your mind about your faith in Jesus Christ.

What Do You Have Faith In?

Take some time and ask yourself: “What do I have faith in?” “Do I believe in the absolute truth of God’s Word in His Holy Bible?” If not, ask yourself “Why?” The kind of life you will have depends on your answer.


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