What Is Worship?

Worship is how we connect with God. Worship is that activity that makes Gods presence real to us. Worship is the most important activity that we can do as Christians. Yet, what exactly is worship?

Worship Is Not a Ritual

Too often our “worship” is simply a ritual we participate in. We sing songs that sound “nice” to us. We recite words that only come from our mind and not our heart. We do this once a week and think that we have worshipped God. No! Worship is not participating in a ritual.

Worship is allowing God to penetrate our heart and life. It is allowing God to surround us and penetrate our hearts with His love. How do we do this? How can I allow God to become a real part of my life?

Worship Is More Than Simply Singing In Church

Worship is allowing God to surround us with His love. You see, that is what God wants to do for us, surround us with His love. Worship is singing to God and allowing God to respond back to us. When you open your heart to God through worship, heaven will be opened to you and you will feel the presence of God.

Worship is synchronizing what we are doing with what is happening in heaven. There is worship going on in heaven all the time. The angels are constantly worshiping God. Our worship needs to complement what the angels are doing. When we do this, we will feel heaven open for us and we will feel the presence of God.

Worship Is Immersing Ourselves In The Presence of God

Do you want to get the angels excited about you and what you are doing? Spend time immersing yourself in the presence of God through worship. You may not feel the angels around you (at least not at first), but rest assured, as you truly worship God, angels will be present with you and worshiping right along with you.

“But I feel foolish raising my hands and looking like I am lost in worship.” Then I find these very same people jumping up and down and shouting at the top of their lungs at a ball game. They don’t care how “foolish” they look at the ball game, but they do care in a church. To me, that is hypocrisy. We should be as exuberant and care less about what others think in church as we are at a ball game.

“Be Still And Know That I Am God”

There is a time for “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) There are times when we will just want to sit still and experience the presence of God. This is very legitimate and this practice should be a part of our lives. This is a type of worship. We are being quiet and communicating with God in the quiet of our heart. Take some time to do this. You will find that you will experience the presence of God.

Worship Is More Than Simply Doing Something In Church

Worship is more than simply singing to God with our voices or sitting quietly talking to God. It is also singing to God through our lives. It is through how we live our lives. How do we do this? We dedicate everything that we do to the glory of God. We can do this no matter what our occupation is. Perform your job as if you were doing it for Jesus. Because, in effect, if you are living for the glory of God, this is what you are doing.

Talk to Jesus about what you are doing. Be sure that what you are doing is what Jesus would approve of. Reach out and ask Jesus what He wants you to do. Let others see Jesus working in and through your life. You can do this even without mentioning Jesus or God in your conversations.

Where do you spend your leisure and recreation time? Are you doing things that Jesus would approve or disapprove of? Is it doing something that you can bring Jesus with you? Or would prefer that He would just leave you alone for a little while? Worship is including Jesus in everything you do.

Worship Is The Most Important Part of Our Lives

Worship is a very important part of our life as a Christian. After all, we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and one reason we did this was to have Him as a friend. You really enjoy communicating and fellowshipping with your human friends. We should want the same thing with our heavenly friend, Jesus.

Is Real Worship a Part of Your Life?

How much time do you spend worshipping God through Jesus Christ? How often are you aware of His presence in your life? How often do you include Him in your everyday life? How often do you experience Him in worship?

They say that practice makes perfect. Spend time practicing experiencing the presence of God. Spend time learning how to truly worship. You will find the rewards are worth more than you can even imagine.


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