What Is Your Destiny?

About 2/3 of Americans do not believe in a hell. They believe that God is so loving that He will accept everyone into His heaven. However, this is not what the Bible says nor is it what the experiences of many, many people who have experienced hell and returned to tell about it. There is a heaven and a hell and not only does the Bible proclaim it, but also common sense verifies it.

You Determine You Own Destiny

God created you as a free agent. You are free to make your own choices. You decide what you want to do or not to do. And the truth is that God will never take that away from you. You are capable of deciding where you want to go and where you do not want to go. The only thing that restricts you is the environment in which you live.

If this is true (and it certainly is), then God will not force you to do anything or to go anywhere you do not want to do or go. This includes where you will spend eternity.

Think about this. If you do not want to live with God right now, while you are here on the earth, do you think that He will force you to live with Him after you die? If you do not want to live like God wants you to live right now, is He going to force you to live any differently after you die?

Is Heaven For Those Who Are Good?

Most people seem to believe that we can get to heaven simply by being “good.” In other words, if we live lives that are good enough, we will get to heaven. But everyone’s idea of what is “good” is different. Being good in one culture is vastly different than being good in another culture. Even here inAmerica, everyone has a different definition of what “good” means.

Goodness has nothing to do with being able to get into heaven. I heard a very good illustration of this and it goes like this.

You go up to a magnificent house (that doesn’t belong to you) and you decide you want to live there. You knock on the door and the owner of the house opens the door. You then tell him that you are moving into this house because you are a good person and you deserve to live there. Do you think that the owner of the house is going to say: “That sounds great, come on in.”

No, he will tell you to get lost. He will tell you that he owns this house and he will let in only those he wants to let in. He is only going to let in his friends and those who want to be his friend. Since he does not know you, he will not let you live in the house with him.

God Is The Owner Of Heaven

God is just like the owner of the house. Because God is the owner of heaven, He chooses who will live with Him and He is just like us, he wants his friends to live with Him. If He does not know you and you have not wanted to be His friend, He will not let you in.

This is why we are alive here on the earth. It is our opportunity to decide if we want to live with God or not. We make that choice. God will not force it upon us. Remember, He made us as free creatures; we are free to choose our own destiny.

Here is a simple fact. If you want to live with God while you are here on the earth, God has prepared a place for you and it is called heaven. However, if you want nothing to do with God while you are here on the earth, God has also prepared a place for you and that place is called hell.

God Created Heaven For His Friends

God created us for fellowship with Him. He created us so we could share love with Him. He created us so that He would have real friends with whom to share His existence. That is why He created us as free creatures. He wanted a creation that wanted to share their lives with Him.

Thus, God created the human race with the ability to freely to choose whether we wanted to live with God or not to live with Him. That is why our existence begins here on the earth. We are here to make the choice whether we want to live eternally with God or we would rather ignore what God wants and live outside his authority.

God Created Hell

Yes, God created hell, but not for human beings. Listen to what Matthew 25:41 (NIV) says: “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.’” You see, hell was created for the rebellious angels, not for freely thinking human beings.

God created hell for those who did not want to live under His protection and guidance. Satan rebelled against God and a third of the angels followed him in his rebellion. God had no choice but to cast them out of heaven. Where would they go? The only place that they could go, and that was a place outside of the presence of God. We call this place Hell.

We Choose Our Own Destiny

God does not want any human being to go to hell. Listen to what He says in II Peter 3:9 (NIV): “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

People are saying that no loving Father would ever send his child to such a horrible place as Hell. And you are right. However, God is not your Father until you choose Him to be your Father. God is not your Father until you freely choose to accept Him as your Father. Remember, we are free creatures and God will never force a free creature to do or to be what they do not want to do or do not want to be.

If you do not want to be a child of God, God will never force you into that relationship. And if you choose not to accept Him as your Father while you are here on the earth, He will not force you into that relationship after you die. If you do not want to live with Him now, He will not force you to live with Him after you die.

Thus, you choose your own destiny by how you want to live while you are on this earth. If you do not want to live with God right now, the only place for you after you after you die is where God is not, and that is what we call Hell.

God Has Made It Easy To Make That Choice

If you have never had the opportunity to choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, God will accept you if you seek Him out and reject all that the world throws at you. And this is not an easy decision. We live in an evil world and it is difficult for us to truly find God in this environment. It is not impossible, but it is difficult.

So God decided to make it easy. Jesus came and died for us on the Cross so we wouldn’t have to be punished for rebelling against God. He died (became separated from His Father) so we wouldn’t have to experience that separation. All we have to do is to accept what Jesus did for us and God will accept us into His heaven.

And for those who have heard of Jesus and His salvation, a choice must be made. John 3:36 (NIV): “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.” After you hear about Jesus, you make a decision. You either believe in Jesus and be accepted into heaven or you reject Jesus and decide to live outside the presence of God.

Yes, God has made it easy for us. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and the Father sees you as accepting Him. Reject Jesus and the Father sees you as rejecting Him.

The choice is now yours. You have heard of Jesus and now you must make your decision. Do you accept the salvation that Jesus offers you, or do you reject this great gift of salvation? If you have not yet made this choice go to How To Live Forever and make your choice.


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