Who Will Get to Heaven?

Among those who believe that there is a heaven we can go to after we die here on the earth, there is a great deal of disagreement as who will actually get to go there. Every religion is different on the subject. Even among Christians there is disagreement.

Will Everyone Get To Heaven?

This is a question that multitudes have asked. Everyone who believes in heaven believes that it will be a wonderful place. It will not be like life here on earth with all its pain, sorrow and disasters.

So, who will have the privilege of living in heaven forever with God? A common belief by many is that everyone who has lived on the earth will get to heaven. Liberal Christians are among those who say this.

But stop to think about this for a moment. If everyone who has lived on earth goes to heaven, what will heaven be like? Right now, the earth is full of people who demand their own way, people that don’t care what happens to others as long as they get what they want. If everyone on the earth goes to heaven, how will it be any different than life here on the earth?

If everyone goes to heaven, and heaven is really going to be heaven, then God will have to take our free will away from us. This will make us into robots. We will no longer be able to make free choices. Unless God does something like this, those who have freely chosen to reject God’s way of life will continue their way of life after they get to heaven.

Some people have an answer for this. They say that God will only change those who are “bad” people. Yet, who is to determine who is bad and who is not? Again, it would be up to God and not to us. And how many of us live exactly like God wants us to live? No, we would all have to be changed. We would not be the same people that we are now.

God Created Us As Free Creatures

If God takes away the free will of those who have rebelled against Him, they will be a different type of creature than those of us who keep our free will because we have chosen to love and share fellowship with God. If this happens, heaven will be occupied with those of us will a free will and also with other creatures who have been turned into robots. What kind of heaven would this be?

Remember, God created angels as servants. They were not created with a free will. Yet, the Bible tells us that one third of them rebelled against God and God had to expel them from heaven. If He did not change those rebellious angels into robots so that they could stay in heaven, what do you think He will do with human beings who do not want to live according to His will?

Remember, we are free creatures. We were created to make our own choices. We were created to make our own destiny. We were created to choose what we wanted to do and to be. Is God going to change us simply because we make the wrong choices? No. We determine our own destiny. God is not going to change who we are, who He created us to be.

Heaven Was Created For God’s Children

The Bible says that God’s children are those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If this is true, then those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are not God’s children and thus will not be granted access into heaven.

The truth is that God does want all of His creation to become His children. That is why he gave us His Holy Bible. He has clearly outlined everything that we need to know. We have no excuse for not living as God created us to live.

He created a world so wonderful and magnificent that we cannot help but realize that there is a God and that He loves us. God even created within each one of us a desire to know Him. Thus, we have no excuse for not choosing to live as God wants us to live.

People Ignore the Voice of God

Multitudes of people have acknowledged the existence of God yet have refused to accept the Word that He gave to us. They want to determine how to live their own lives and not accept what God has told us. Thus, they have acknowledged the existence of God but ignored Him and have turned to their own selfish desires.

They have declared that God is no more than a force to be used. They want God to make sure that everything goes their own way and that their own selfish desires are fulfilled. In effect, they are saying that they know more about what they need than God does.

Even after God gave us His Holy Bible, they have declared that God is not powerful enough to have given us His Word. They claim that the Bible simply contains documents that were written by humans and we have to determine what is true and what is not true.

They claim that the Bible only contains the Word of God and it is up to us to determine which is God’s Word and which is not. If this is true, it gives us the power to determine what is true and what is not true. It turns us into little gods. People who believe this say that they are just as wise and powerful as God. This is what Lucifer did and he became Satan and was cast out of heaven.

Does God Banish People From Heaven?

If God banished rebellious angels from heaven, what do you think He will do with rebellious humans? That is, those who refuse to accept Him as Almighty God?

God is a God of love and He wants the best for His children, that is, for those who accept and love Him. He wants His children to live in peace and harmony. He has even created a marvelous place for His children and that place is called heaven. It is a place where everyone can live according to God’s laws and according to how He originally created us to live.

Banishing those who reject Him does not make God a horrible monster. It makes Him a loving God because He has prepared a special place just for those who love Him and want to have fellowship with Him. If God also accepted those who reject Him, heaven would not be heaven. It would not be any different that life here on earth.

Look around the world, do you want people carrying out their way of life in heaven that they have been living here on the earth?

God Does Not Banish People From Heaven.

Remember, God created us as free creatures. He also wants us to live the best life that is possible. And since He created us, He knows what that life is. Thus, He has given us everything that we need be make the correct choices so that we can live as we were created to life.

God has even made it easy for us to make that choice. We do not have to be punished for rebelling against God. He sent His only Son to die on the cross for us. He suffered separation from the Father so we would not have to. All we have to do is to accept what Jesus did for us on the cross and we can live forever with Him in heaven.

We make that choice. We either accept Jesus as our own personal savior or we reject God’s great gift of salvation and choose to live outside of God’s presence. God does not banish us from heaven. We banish ourselves by choosing to live apart from God.


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