Why Doesn’t God Protect us?

We live in a world where many people have given up on God because they do not think that He loves them. They believe that if God loved them, God would not let any bad things happen to them. Yes, this is what God wants to do. The problem is that we want God to protect us when we have actually kicked God out of our lives.

God Cannot Protect When We Do Not Want Him In Our Lives

How can God protect us when we tell Him that we do not want Him to be a part of our lives? How can He protect us when we keep Him at arms length and want Him to stay clear of our lives, unless we need protection?

How can God protect us when we do not want to listen to Him? There are only two ways that God can protect us against harm. The first is to make robots out of us. That is, He dictates everything we do. This takes away our freedom. We no longer have the ability to do anything that we may want to do. Do you want to live like this?

The other way is for us to put ourselves under His care. This means that we commit to doing only what God wants us to do. We are still free to make our own decisions. We are still free to do what we want to do. The only difference is that now we prefer to listen to God and do what He says that we should be doing. When we do this, God will lead us out of harms way, as much as we allow Him to do so.

The problem is that the majority of people, especially here inAmerica, have said that we want to do everything our own way. In other words, we have said that we do not want to be robots, nor do we want to listen to God. This is why God cannot protect us.

We Have Kicked God Out Of Our Schools

Classes used to open with prayer. Schools used to welcome God into their environments. But then the Supreme Court said that our Constitution proclaimed that there must be a separation between government and religion. However, this is not in the Constitution. Read it carefully, you will not be able to find it.

It was only “found” because it was believed that the Constitution is a “living document” capable of being interpreted, not according to the original creators intentions, but rather according to a new modern way of thinking. This has enabled many well established ideals to be declared “unconstitutional.”

We are teaching our children that truth is relative, that there is no absolute truth. If this is true, then it is no longer possible to teach morality because we can each determine what is good and what is not. It is no wonder that there are so many discipline problems in our schools.

In fact, even though the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination to God, our schools are now teaching the homosexuality is a normal life style. How can God protect us when we are teaching our children the exact opposite of what God has declared to be true? This may not be yet happening in your own schools, but it is spreading acrossAmerica.

When we no longer teach the existence of God or His truth in our schools, how can children learn that God can protect them if they will only follow Him? If we no longer teach the morality that is the central teaching of Christianity, how can our children grow up knowing the difference between right and wrong?

We Have Kicked God Out Of Our Government

Did you know that our 2nd congress actually authorized the publication of our Bible using their own funds? They believed in it and wanted it available to the public because they were creating their laws based on the teachings of the Bible. Now, our current government wants nothing to do with it. In fact, now they are creating laws that are actually contrary to the Bible.

Judges have even declared it unconstitutional to have a copy of the 10 commandments in our courtrooms, in our schools or anywhere on public property. They do not want God to have any influence in our government life. And we wonder why so much evil and destruction is happening right here inAmerica.

Our courts have declared that abortion (the killing of unborn babies) is constitutional. So, if killing unborn babies is OK, how sacred is life? No wonder people kill so easily.

This has lead people into the idea that sex is just a normal part of life. We teach our children to have “safe sex” instead of abstinence. This teaches children that it is OK to indulge in sinful pleasures, as long as they are “safe” about it. Some schools even furnish condoms to their students.

If our government doesn’t want God “interfering” with their decisions, how can we expect God to protect the people who live under that government?

We Have Kicked God Out Of Our Entertainment

Hollywoodhas become the most anti-God business inAmerica. When movies first began to be produced, most were based on the morality that was taken from the Bible. Now, most of it is based on just the opposite. The teaching of modernHollywoodis anti-Bible.

Today, the vast majority of the entertainment we receive through radio, TV and movies is anti-God. It is based on the concept that there is no God and thus, no ultimate truth. They teach that truth is relative; it is whatever we want it to be. In other words, we make our own truth and thus, our own morality.

The entertainment industry promotes profanity, violence, and illicit sex andAmericahas said that this is OK. We sell music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide and satanic themes and we wonder why people engage in these things. When we give vulnerable people wrong ideas, they will try out those ideas.

When we allow the advertisement of sin, we encourage sin. The more that children see sin on TV and in the Movies, the more they will want to try what they see. Is it any wonder that sin is exploding inAmerica?

Is it any wonder that God cannot protect us? We have cast Him out of our everyday lives. We have told Him that we want nothing to do with Him. How can we expect Him to protect us?

We Have Accepted Other Religions As Equal With Christianity

Christianity is the belief that Jehovah is the only true God and that Jesus Christ is His only begotton Son. Together with the Holy Spirit, this is the only true God. All other religions are false and will lead us away from God.

And yet, in our government, our schools, our entertainment, etc. Americans are accepting the false idea that all religions are equal. Americans are even accepting the idea that Islam is just as true as Christianity. In fact, Atheism is being accepted as being just as true as Christianity. However, if you study the concepts of all religions, including Christianity, you will discover that even though there are many similarities, they contradict each other. They simply cannot all be true.

The current trend is even more devastating. Now, other religions, such as Islam and Atheism are being given more importance than Christianity. Look at what is happening acrossAmerica. Atheism is allowed to be taught in our schools, but Christianity is not. Time is being given to Muslims to pray in our schools, but Christians are not. This may not be yet happening in your own schools, but it is spreading acrossAmerica.

How can we expect God to protect us when we are telling Him that we do not believe that He is real?

Our Current Situation

All of this has led us directly into our current situation here inAmerica. We cannot even discipline our children any more. According to recent court rulings, this is unconstitutional.

We are proclaiming that what we do in private does not matter, as long as we do a good job in our public lives. The problem is that what we do privately does spill out into our public lives.

One thing that has always puzzled me. People believe that if it is in print, it must be true, except what they read in the Bible. If we do not believe that God’s Word is true, how can we expect God to protect us?

We live in a society that has rejected God and yet we still expect God to protect us. It just cannot happen. The sad part is that evil is rampant inAmericaand Christians are going to be caught up in that evil

What can we, as Christians, do? All we can do is pray and listen to what God tells us. However, we do have an opportunity to bringAmericaback to God and that is through prayer and the ballot box. But did you realize that multitudes of Christian do not even vote? Many do not vote because they cannot find a candidate that believes exactly as they do.

So they refuse to go to the polls and vote for the best person who is running. However, when you refuse to vote for the best person (even though you do not like some of the things he stands for), you are actually allowing a vote for the other person. Remember, Jesus will never run for public office. You must vote for the person that has the best chance of turning our country around.

Do you want God to protectAmerica? Then pray and vote for the best (not perfect) person.


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