Why is There Evil in the World?

If everything that God created is good, why is there evil in the world? Why do so many evil things happen to good people? If this is God’s world, why do we have to put up with evil? These are all questions that many people have.

Everything God Created is Good

God had a perfect plan for His creation. He planned the perfect world in which we would live. All that God had created was good and that included the Human Race. We were to walk hand in hand throughout eternity with God.

We would have fellowship with Him and would share His love. God planned that we would live in harmony with Him, with the others around us, with ourselves, and with all that He had created.

God Wanted to Share His Love

We must understand that God’s desire was to create a perfect habitation for a creature who would positively respond to His outpouring of love. Only a creature created with a free will could respond to and share love. The angels were created as servants, so they did not have this ability.

Love, by its very nature, cannot be forced. Love cannot be demanded and automatically received. Love is only love when it is freely shared. Thus, God had to create us as free creatures.

We Were Created as Free Creatures

A creature with a free will would be free to choose. He could choose whether to love or not to love. He could choose to serve God or not to serve God. He could choose to live with God or to not live with God.

In other words, this creature would have the ability to choose his own destiny. But this is what was necessary if there was to be a creature with the ability to respond to and share love.

As free creatures, are to free to accept or reject whatever God offers. We are free to listen to God and follow what He says or to reject what God says to us. We are free to live within His plan for us or reject it.

Why is There Evil in the World?

There is evil in the world because people have chosen to follow their own selfish ways instead of God’s ways. This is what the story in Genesis 3 is all about. It is the story about the first rebellion or sin against God.

This story tells us that there as an adversary in the world whose name is Satan. He is constantly tempting us to follow him instead of God. You can read about him in this article about Satan. The truth is that Satan wants to destroy God’s people because they worship God and not him. And the best way for him to do this is to deceive other humans to do his evil work.

Remember, Satan has no power over born-again Christians. All he can do is try to tempt us. However, since all human beings are free creatures, there is no limit as to what one human being can do to other human creatures. So, Satan tries to harm God’s people by working though those who have rejected God.

We Cannot Blame Satan for Our Sin

Yes, Satan tempts us to do evil, but we cannot blame Satan for what we do. We are free creatures and God has given us all that we need to resist the temptations of Satan. There is evil in the world simply because so many people have chosen to live according to their own selfish ways instead of following God’s ways. God calls this action SIN.

As long as people reject God’s way of living, there will be evil in the world. As long as people believe that they alone have the answer to what life is all about, there will be evil in the world.

The truth is that Satan (and his fallen angels) are so devious that if we do not have God living within us, he will very easily deceive us into living outside the will of God. We are either consciously following God and His ways or we will be deceived into following where Satan leads us. And multitudes have chosen this path.

Why Do Evil Things Happen To Good People?

Remember, God created us as free creatures. This means that He will not force anything upon us. He will not force you to do anything that you do not want to do. This means that evil people will be free to force their evil upon others, whether they like it or not.

Think about it. You certainly do not want God to force you to do anything that you do not choose to do, do you? Why then, do you want God to force someone else to do what they do not choose to do?

Thus, as long as we live in this physical world, evil things will continue to happen to good people. This is because evil people want to force their ways upon everyone else. And since Satan has deceived most of these people, he convinces them to hurt other people, especially God’s people. You see, this is the only way he can hurt God’s people.

Why doesn’t God put a stop to all this evil? The only way He can do this is to take away our freedom, and He will not do it because that would destroy our ability to love.

Our Reward Is In Heaven

Remember, our earthly, physical life is a testing ground. It is a time given to us to freely make the choice to want to be with God and live according to His ways, or to reject His way of life. Only those who choose God’s way of life will be granted entrance into heaven.

So heaven will be a place where there will be no evil. Heaven is our reward for rejecting evil and choosing to follow and live with God. What will heaven be like? Read my article on heaven and you will get a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

Remember, God has provided a simple way to show Him that we love Him and that we want to live forever with Him in heaven. That way is to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. If you have not yet made this commitment, go to How To Live Forever and learn how to do it.


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