Will God Send You To Hell?

This is a question that has been asked by millions of people. If God is s loving God, how could He send people to an eternal punishment? Doesn’t the Bible say that God is a forgiving God? If God loves me, why won’t He just forgive me for rejecting Him? The Bible answers this question.

Will God Send Anyone to Hell?

The truth is that God is a loving God and a loving God would not want anyone to spend eternity in Hell. So the answer is No! God is a loving God and He will never send anyone to Hell. So why does the Bible say that some people will spend eternity in Hell.

Jesus, Himself said that some people will spend eternity in everlasting punishment. In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus talks about what is going to happen when He comes to the earth again. (Yes, Jesus talked about his Second Coming several times while He was on the earth the first time.)

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus says that all the nations will be gathered before Him and they will be divided into groups. One group lived as God instructed them to live and the other group did not. Then He said, concerning the second group Matthew 25:46 (NKJV): “And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

But notice how Jesus said this. He said that the unrighteous will go away into everlasting punishment. Jesus did not say that God sends them into everlasting punishment. In other words, if you go to Hell, it will be by your own choosing.

Do People Choose To Live In Hell?

No one in his right mind would ever choose to live forever in Hell. So, how do they choose to go there? They choose to go there by simply choosing to refuse God’s great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. They choose (while they are living on this earth) to live in opposition to God’s will for their lives. They choose to not live with God.

Why would people do this? Because people simply decide to live according to their own desires and plans rather then according to God’s desire and plan for their lives. They think that they know more about what is best for them than God does.

So, people choose Hell by refusing to choose God’s plan for their lives. They choose Hell by choosing to not live with God here on the earth. So, when they die and leave this earth, they have already chosen to refuse God’s plan for them. They have already chosen to not want to live with God.

We must remember that in the spiritual world, there are only two places were we can spend eternity. That is where God is and where God is not. Since these people have chosen to live apart from God while they are here on this earth, they will continue to live apart from God for all eternity. Where is that? Hell! Because in the spiritual world, Hell is where God is not.

Our Purpose On This Earth Is To Make A Choice

People have been asking forever: “Why am I on this earth?” “What is my purpose for living?” Here is the simple answer. We are living on this earth to choose where we want to spend eternity. This is our purpose for living on this earth.

Everything we do on this earth is for the purpose of making this choice. Whether it be the profession we choose, the hobbies we choose, the mate we choose, or even where we choose to live. It is all for the purpose of helping us to choose where we want to spend eternity.

When God created us, He created us as free beings, able to make the choice of what kind of life we want to live. God created this earth and put us on it so that we could freely choose what kind of a life we really want to live. God has done all He can to help us to make this choice.

God created a wonderful existence here on this earth so we could have an idea of the real existence that God has prepared for us. But God will never force us to live any kind of life. You have a choice to make. If you want to live with God and be with Him forever, you must make that choice right now, while you are still alive on this earth.

The Choice Is Ours

Whether you go to Heaven or Hell when you leave this earth is your own choice and yours alone. God just established the criteria for living forever in His paradise (heaven). Whether you choose to accept that criteria is your choice alone. God has placed your own destiny in your own hands. He did this when He created you as a free creature, free to make your own choices and your own destiny.

The most important point is that if you want to live with God, you also want to live as He designed you to live. This means that if you want to live forever in heaven with God, you will choose to live according to the laws that He set up to live in His paradise.

Won’t Death Change Us?

Some people think that when we leave this earth through death, we will instantly be changed into what God wants us to be. This is as far from the truth as you can possibly get. Remember why you are on this physical earth right now? You are here so you can choose where you want to spend eternity.

If you reject His way of life right now, remember, you will not magically change your mind the moment you die. Outside of this physical world, there are only two places you can go. Where God is (Heaven) and where God is not (Hell).

If you choose to live apart from God while you are here in this physical world, when you leave it, your only destination is continuing to live apart from God and that place is Hell. God does not send you there; you freely make that choice while you are alive here on this physical earth.

Our Choice Is a Permanent One

The choices that you make on this earth will affect you forever. This is God’s plan. God put you on this earth so that you could make the choice as to whether you wanted to live with Him or apart from Him.

Why are you alive on this earth? What is your purpose on this earth? The answer is simple. Your purpose on this earth is to choose whether you want to live with God or apart from Him.

If you do not want to live according to God’s plan for you right now, He will never force you to live that way after you die. This means that if you do not choose to accept that type of existence right now, you will never get the opportunity to experience it forever. You see, if you choose to live apart from God and His type of existence while you are alive on this earth, you will continue to live that same type of life after you die.

The only difference is that here on this earth, God’s presence is all around you even if you reject Him. After you leave this earth, the only place for you to go is a place where God is not. And that is the place that God has prepared for Satan and his fallen angels. What kind of a place is that? Read my articles on Heaven and Hell such as What Is Hell Like or Heaven and Hell.


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