Will “Good People” Get To Heaven?

People all around the world have created their own idea of who will get to go to heaven. Here I am talking about only those people who believe that there is a heaven and that it is an actual place we will go to after we die. Many religions have such a vague idea of an afterlife that their idea of an existence after death could never be described as “heaven.”

But for those who believe that there is a heaven that we can go to after we die, there are several different beliefs as to who can go there. In most cases, it is based on how good a life you have lived here on the earth. In this article, I am using the term “unbelievers” as those who reject the Bible as the actual Word of God.

What Is The Definition Of “Good?”

The first thing we have to do is to define what we mean by “good.” If you ask ten people to define what a “good” person is, you will get 10 different answers. If we believe that only “good” people get to heaven, who defines what “good” is. The answer is very simple. Since it is God’s heaven, He defines what “good” is.

We use the word “good” in so many different ways that it is difficult to actually define what we mean when we use the word “good.”

  • That which is righteous or virtuous
  • Excellence or merit
  • An elliptical expression of commendation or satisfaction
  • Of favorable quality or character
  • Virtuous or morally excellent
  • Satisfactory or excellent in degree or kind
  • Appropriate or fitting for a particular purpose
  • Generous or kind
  • Competent or skillful
  • Well-regarded or honorable


The Bible Definition vs. Man’s Definition.

The Bible puts a completely different definition on the word “good.” Mark 10:18 says that only God is “good.” Thus, anyone trying to get into heaven by being “good” simply will not make it. Remember, this is God’s world. He makes the rules.

There are multitudes of people who try to live “good” lives. They want to make others lives better. They do good deeds. They even try to live the kind of lives that the Bible says that we ought to live.

Yet, at the same time, these unbelievers reject the idea that they have to accept everything that God says. They believe that they have the power to accept or reject anything and everything that they want to.

Rules For Entrance Into Heaven

Thus, we find that the unbelievers make their own rules about who will get to go to heaven.

These unbelievers believe that all “good” people will get to heaven. Yet somehow, they have determined that they know more about what is “good” than God does. For some reason they believe that God just doesn’t know what “good” really is here on the earth. Thus, they try to force God to accept their own definition of “good.”

This is one reason that Jesus came to the earth. He lived as one of us. He knows the trials and troubles we face. He knows what we think about being “good.” But He also knows what the true definition of “good” is. And that is what He is trying to get us to understand.

Unbelievers have decided that they know how things are supposed to be and that is the way they are going to live. They have determined that since they know how they are supposed to live, they are “good” people.

Who Determines What “Good” Is?

These “good” people have changed what the Bible says. They have decided that they only need to accept what they want to accept. In other words, they have decided that they know how people should live, even though the whole message of the Bible says differently.

For instance, they believe that we have to find God through our own efforts. They cannot understand that God loves us so much that He has actually made it easy for us to live forever with Him. We do not have to work our way into heaven. We just have to accept God’s great gift of salvation.

Who Determines What Truth Is?

But these unbelievers have made our life here on earth a journey of searching for truth, searching for what is good and what is not good. In other words, we have to find our own way. This means that I have a pretty good chance of never finding the right way, that is, what is “good.” It will be very easy to never find the truth. What happens then?

They have also accepted the idea that one person’s truth is not necessarily another person’s truth. In other words, there is no absolute truth.

If there is no absolute truth then everything that we believe can be the truth. Or everything that we believe can be a lie. If there are many different truths, how many different kinds of heavens are there? Perhaps they believe that we each make our own heaven. And since everyone’s truth is different then we each end up in our own little heaven. What kind of heaven would that be if we are the only one in that heaven?

“We Create Our Own Destiny”

Unbelievers have decided that we humans have to create our own destiny. In other words, whether they care to admit it or not, they believe that we are all little gods, creating our own destiny while we are here on the earth.

My question is: “How powerful are we?” Do we really have the power to create our own destiny? Do we really have the power to create an existence beyond this physical earthly existence? If you believe this, then you must believe that you are a little god.

If the people that believe this are correct, and we all create our own heaven and that is where we will spend eternity, then we who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior will have a wonderful eternity, just as they will.

However, if the Bible is correct, then we who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior will have a wonderful eternity, but those who have created their own idea of heaven will end up outside of the actual heaven that God created for His children. And the only place outside of heaven is the place that God created for the Devil and his angels. We call that place Hell.

The Choice We Must Make

Since unbelievers refuse to accept the God of the Bible, why do they think that they will get to enter His heaven when they die?

Since they have decided to create their own destiny, and it is contrary to what the Bible says, how can they expect to get to the heaven that they have rejected?

Will God Accept Those Who Reject His Word?

The Bible is very clear on this, It makes no difference whether we accept “The Word” as the entire Bible or accept “The Word” as referring to Jesus. Actually both are correct.

So listen to what I John 5:12 (NIV) says: “He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.” This is very clear. If we do not accept the gift of salvation through Jesus, we will not have life. What do we have then? We have death, that is, separation from God. This means that we will not be in heaven.

Will God accept those who reject His Word? No! And it is not God who decides who accepts His Word or who rejects it. We determine whether we accept Jesus or not. Our destiny is up to us.

God says that only those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior can go to His heaven. We make the decision whether to accept this great gift or not. If you have not accepted this gift, go to How To Live Forever and make your decision.


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